Be Careful With My Heart – 04 March 2013

Be Careful with My Heart tells about the story of a simple province girl Maya Dela Rosa (Jodi Sta. Maria) who tries her luck to the big city to pursue her dream of becoming a flight attendant. With this dream, she would not allow anyone to stop her in reaching it for this is her only way to help her family. In her journey to reach her dream she agrees to become the temporary nanny of the problematic children of Richard Lim (Richard Yap). Richard is a handsome, wealthy widower with 3 children including Luke (Jerome Ponce), Nikki (Janella Salvador) and Abigail (Mutya Orquia). Maya agreed to look after Richard’s kids most especially the youngest one, Abigail because she think that Richard is his only hope in pursuing her dream because of the great influence of Richard in the Airline Industry. In doing her role as a nanny, she later on felt that she was totally involved with the family for she is making her way in succeeding in rebuilding the family’s relationship that was lost when Richard’s wife died. However, as she tried her best to play her role especially in repairing the family, she encountered a more challenging roles then. She is madly in love with the kids but not only that but with Richard also.


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be careful with my heart

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